The Big “F Bomb”

The Prosperous Hairdresser | Eagle, ID

The biggest “F bomb” for any new hairdresser or barber is FEAR of Failure! Fear is what keeps 95 percent of hairdressers and barbers from succeeding in the industry. Over coming the limiting beliefs you may have about building your business is the key to eliminating fear of failure. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that are a false perception of what we think someone thinks about us or a false perception that someone else has projected on onto us. An example of a limiting belief in the hair industry that sabotage a hairdresser’s and barber’s success:” There are to many salons and not enough clients.” The truth is there are plenty of clients for all salons. The secret to eliminating the fear of not enough clients, for the hairdresser and barber to know who their ideal client is and does the salon itself attract that particular client as well. Below is a list of limiting beliefs you need to be aware of that can be a silent sabotage.

The Prosperous Hairdresser | Eagle, ID
*Fear of Failure
*Feeling under valued
*Needing acceptance and approval from
co-workers, boss, family, and friends
*Not enough clients
* It’s always going to be a struggle building a business

The solution to letting go of the fear of failure and limiting beliefs you may have about yourself. Below are steps you can take towards building self-confidence and empower you to take action in moving forward in building a successful business.
1.Value you and what you do
2.Have a vision and goals
3. Get clear on your ideal client and salon you want
to work in
4. Have a good attitude even when you are having a bad day
5. Have a plan of action
6. Be focused
7.Stop seeing other professionals in your industry
as competition
8.Align yourself with other successful hairdressers
9. Invest in yourself with continuing education; the more
you invest in you, the more you will be able to
invest in others.
10. Ask for help when you need it, you don’t have to do
it all by yourself.