Hair loss Does Not Have to Be Devastating

The Prosperous Hairdresser | Eagle, ID

Every womans worst nightmare is losing their hair, it is emotionally, and mentally devastating.
The beauty business is a billion-dollar business with millions of beauty product solutions for hair and skin, that can overwhelm the most seasoned beauty expert. Over the last decade my clients started asking me if I had a solution, or alternative to hair loss, there are lots of products on the market that claim to thicken hair and grow hair, however these products take time to work if they work at all. What clients want to know is what they can do today, what solution did I have as an alternative while they waited for the hair growth products to work or not work. I have lots of training on different types of hair extensions, and the occasional special occasion hair pieces for weddings, however I really didn’t have an alternative for my clients that have thinning hair or permanent hair loss. The clients only alternative was going online and purchasing hair toppers or wigs with frustrating results, such as wrong color, poorly made, and ill-fitting.

It’s not like wigs and hair pieces are something new, women and men have been wearing them for centuries. Where I think wigs especially over the years has gotten a bad rap is that the stigma behind them is the little old grandma lady wore them and they were not necessarily well made and looked like a bad imitation of a beautiful updo, or the uncle with the bad taupe that looked like a rug, fast forward a few decades and entertainers, models, and fashion trends that promote beautiful tresses, customized styles, and better quality made synthetic and humane hair wigs became big celebrity business for Raquel Welch, and Christy Brinkley jumped on the band wagon with clip in hair extensions and hair pieces. Giving women better alternatives to thinning and permanent hair loss.

After a flight to Chicago for specialized training in customized color, fitting, cutting, and stylization, I’m finally able to offer a custom and personalized solution for those with thinning and permanent hair loss. Were women can feel confident in wearing their new hair and style, giving them the boost, they need to go out into the world and achieve their goals and dreams.

The best part about wigs is the freedom it gives women to be more adventurous with their hair to try unique styles, different lengths, and colors. Hair pieces are also a fun alternative to adding volume and length for special events or every day. The most important thing of all is to have fun with it. Below are a few tips in finding the best wigs and hair pieces.

Wig Tips

* Purchase from a trained professional who specializes in wigs

* Proper fit

* Correct color for you

* Consider the style and length that is right for you and your lifestyle

* Have your wig professionally cut by a wig specialist not all hair stylists are
comfortable cutting a wig or have experience.

* Proper care is important for your wigs and hair pieces, ask your professional
on proper shampoos and brushes to use on your wigs and hair pieces.

* Purchase a wig stand to keep your wig in tip top shape

* Wig caps are a most to protect your scalp from itching, and any wisps showing.
The cap also prevents slippage.

* Invest in a chin strap, to hold your wig in place for styling ease. Made of an
elastic strap with clips, leaving both hands free for brushing, combing or
holding mirror.