Why is clarity so important for a hairdresser? Having clarity on what it is you want for you and your business is the first step to building a successful business as a hairdresser.Clarity gives you a road map to guide you in designing the vision you have about your business and obtaining the goals you have set out for yourself. Clarity is deciding on your ideal client, and the ideal salon that will support your vision and goals. Clarity could also be deciding that you may want to be a platform artist at hair shows. What I teach in The Prosperous Hairdresser work book is getting laser focused on what is you want in your personal life and your professional life and teaching you how to go after what it is you want and get it! If you don’t have a crystal clear vision of what it is you want, then all you will be working for is the next client to pay the bills. Start today on having clarity on what it is you want.

“Clarity comes from knowing what you want and moving in the direction of it.Your soul is guiding and supporting you every step of the way” Sue Krebs