Client relationships are built on exceptional customer service

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Customer Service

Customer service is something every service industry needs. The customer service you provide sets the stage for a successful salon career. Providing excellent customer service create the customer experience that they will remember, and depending if the customer has had a good customer service or bad customer service is the deciding factor whether they return to you or refer others to you.

Here are a few tips on providing great customer service.

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early before your client arrive, so you can set up and be ready to receive them.
  2. Greet each client by name and with a smile.
  3. Listen to your client.
  4. Communicate back to the client what you heard, to make sure you heard them correctly.
  5. Give them your undivided attention while they are in your care. Make them feel valued as your client. Start treating your client as an investment and not as a pay check, and you will get greater returns in your business.
  6. Take notes on the service: for example the products and tools you used on them, the color formula, their likes and dislikes.
  7. Ask them to give you feed back on your service.
  8. Rebook the client and give them a card with their next appointment time and date.
  9. Thank your client for their business!
  10. Call or send a reminder text the day before their appointment. This is key for client retention, and for them not forgetting to show up for the next appointment. (Life gets busy and 4-6 weeks is a stretch of time, clients may forget or lose their card.) These customer care gestures are very much appreciated by the client and it shows them you are a business professional. It also sets you apart from other hairdressers when you add these little touches. Remember, it is building value into your service.

The Customer Experience

The customer experience is all about how you made the client feel while they were in your care. How you make your customers feel when they leave your business is key for client retention, referrals and building a business quickly and successfully.

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