About Rachelle A Prosperous Hairdresser

Rachelle Giles, is an Entrepreneurial hairdresser of twenty-seven years. She currently owns her own beauty and wellness studio in Eagle, Idaho. She comes from a long line of barbers and hairdressers with over 100 years of experience. In addition she is an ordained minister, spiritual mentor, published author, and a prosperous hairdresser by design business coach. Her professional interest is to teach other hairdressers through her program The Prosperous Hairdresser to have a prosperous and successful business by using her unique technique Prosperous by Design teaching new hairdressers a new way to build their business with confidence, less stress, quickly and effectively, allowing hairdresser the freedom to do what they are designed to do, and that is creating beautiful hair, and being dynamic, passionate, empowering, life changing professionals inspiring the lives they touch. She has taught numerous clients and hairdressers how to take a quantum leap in their professional and personal lives to design and manifest the prosperous filled life they want and desire, often in less than 12 months. Her heart’s desire is that each person who reads The Prosperous Hairdresser and incorporates Prosperous by Design technique will be blessed with great prosperity and love.


Rachelle is the recipient of the Idaho
Women’s Business Owner of the Year
Award for 2019!