Building Confidence One Hair Strand at a Time.

I saw a need in my business as a hairdresser that was not being met. Women who were experiencing thinning or permanent hair loss due to health, hormones, stress, and age-related symptoms. Hair has always been referenced as a womans crowning glory, and for centuries women have tried to live up to societies expectations of their hair. When a woman’s hair determines how she feels about herself, and how it affects her confidence hair is a big deal. I decided to start searching for other alternatives for clients who need an immediate solution for thinning, and permanent hair loss. I’m excited to introduce a line of personalized and customized wigs, hair pieces, and hair extensions, to meet the needs of the women who are silently suffering with hair loss and are in search of a solution, there is hope.

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Services & Solutions:

  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Pieces
  • Skin Care Services
  • Mental Health Coaching
  • Private Studio