Breaking all the conventional rules of building a business in the Hair Industry

Meet Rachelle, Coach for the New Generation Hairdresser

I saw a need in my industry as an entrepreneurial hairdresser that was not being met. I’m seeing my industry become an assembly line of services with no customer service, loyalty or customer retention. The hairdressing industry has lost its sense of community in our towns, cities and neighborhoods. That is how The Prosperous Hairdresser came to be. There needed to be a change in the way hairdressers are currently doing business so that they can be a positive change and force in our communities and in turn become a prosperous life changing professional.

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I will show you how to:

  • Build your clientele with business networking
  • Increase your profits through conversational sales.
  • Create a Unique Niche market that works for you
  • Attract your Ideal client
  • Design your Prosperous business within a business.
  • Become a confident purpose driven Entrepreneur.
  • Build synergy within you salon

What Every Hair Dresser Needs To Know